Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get to know Jessica

The sandwich shop is located very close to Dr. Cherukuri's dental office in Chino, California. It's early afternoon and we are the only ones eating. I'm sitting down with Jessica, one of Dr. Cherukuri's dental assistants.

"The Inland Empire has always been home to me," she says then looks away. Jessica informs me she is shy, which is hard to believe once she starts speaking and telling me her story.

Jessica decided on a career in dentistry after seeing a television commercial. "I had worked in my father's State Farm agency, answering phones and filing but always thought I'd work with animals at some point." Instead, Jessica, went to school to become a dental assistant. "I really enjoy working with people. And I love dentistry." So much so that she is even thinking of continuing her education in the field. "I think I would like to be a dental hygienist someday." Which is what motivates her to take classes at the local community college while she waits to hear if she will be accepted into a hygiene program. "I look forward to being able to do more for my patients myself."

Even though Jessica decided on a career in dentistry, animals are still an important part of her life. "I have four dogs," she says and laughs. "Yes, four. Two chihuahuas, a chug, which is a chihuahua-pug mix and, the recent addition to the group, a lab."

When Jessica is at home she spends her time with family. "Fortunately we all live very close to each other. Within five minutes." As the youngest of four children, Jessica is typically the one who organizes the get togethers, which most often take place around a barbecue grill. "Food and family is what make the best weekends ever. We all get together, my dad, my brothers and sisters and their children and then its just fun. My family, well, they make me laugh."

What else makes Jessica laugh? "I like to hike in the forest or go to waterfalls. But I also like a bit of excitement." She says this with a huge grin on her face. "If you ask me to try something, many times I'll say, okay." Some of the "things" Jessica has tried include parasailing and skydiving. "My father and brother belong to a bike club so I also ride motorcycles." That is how she met her boyfriend. "He's a marine, stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. He's close enough that I'm able to go down and see him every other weekend."

Jessica has a big heart and a sensitive soul. It's easy to see why she is such a good fit in the practice. "I'm a bit of a risk taker, but also a care giver." Yes she is.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Contagious Smile


Frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you.
Not just any smile will do, though. With 19 variations on the smile, including 16 produced by enjoyable emotions,[1] smiling is an incredibly important part of our lives. If you're looking to develop a genuine, infectious smile that can make a bad date turn good, seal a business deal, or help you make friends wherever you go, this article will help you on your way. It's fun, fast, and easy! But best of all, it's a natural way to make yourself and others feel really good.