Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why does my filling need to be replaced?

A tooth that has decay or fractures will need either a filling or other restoration depending on the extent of decay.  Poor oral hygiene, a poor diet, gum recession or a lack of saliva can contribute to tooth decay. Para functional habits like clenching and grinding and traumatic occlusion are usually the cause of teeth fractures.

Choices of restorations

Composite filling: Is a tooth colored plasticed material that is bonded to the tooth when a small area of tooth that is decayed needs to be restored.  This is a popular option considering the capability of matching shades to the tooth, conservative prep design preserving natural tooth and affordability.

Amalgam filling: This option has fallen out of vogue because of potential mercury toxicity, silver color compromising aesthetics and the technique requiring removal of a lot of tooth structure to achieve mechanical retention. Many dental offices no longer offer this procedure.

Onlay/Inlay: Is a lab processed restoration usually chosen when a small area of the tooth needs to be restored with better seal and marginal integrity for long term success. It is a two visit procedure that entails a higher cost for lab fabrication. These can be processed in tooth colored porcelain or gold based on patient preference.

Full coverage crown: restores the entire coronal portion of the tooth and is usually indicated on endodontically treated teeth (root canal), extensive breakdown of tooth from fractures and/or decay. They are lab fabricated and also entail two visits.  Crowns can be fabricated in gold, non precious metal or various porcelains depending on patient preference, cost considerations and aesthetic demands.

 A dental filling usually lasts many years before it needs replacing. However, teeth are subject to constant stress from chewing, clenching and grinding. All of these can cause a filling to gradually wear away, chip, crack or fall out.

Reasons for replacement

Recurrent decay
Fracture of filling
Fracture of tooth
Material upgrade

Regular dental examinations are important to maintain soft tissue health, assess existing restorations and maintain bite and functionality of the mouth.  Detecting a failing filling early can reduce damage to tooth and eliminate the need for more invasive and complicated procedures.

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