Friday, November 18, 2011

Compassion is the Cornerstone

Relationships are built when there is an atmosphere of caring and trust. "As a healthcare provider, I'm very aware that trust begets trust." Dr. Vijaya Cherukuri believes  that healthcare, in particular, is a field  where compassion and trust are critical elements.

"Some of my ideas about caring for individuals come from my deep philosophical belief that we are all part of one human family. That's why it is so important that I treat everyone (patients and staff) as family." That thought is the cornerstone  of her Chino, California dental practice. "I witnessed firsthand the immeasurable kindness that the world extended to my family when we experienced a moment of loss. This strengthened my resolve to give back to people and the community as a whole. I truly believe that what comes around, should go around. It drives me to always give my best to my patients."

How does she do this? As a lifelong learner, Dr. Vijaya Cherukuri is always staying up to date on her knowledge and skills. "I attend conferences, study clubs and continuing education classes throughout the year. This makes sure my skills are at their best for my patients." Dr. Cherukuri also says that it allows her to be exposed to diverse dental materials and how to apply them in her practice to benefit patients. "When I meet with other dental practitioners from all over we are able to share our experiences and then learn and grow from that knowledge. Not to mention that continuing education gives me an opportunity to merge the office/patient experience with the latest dental innovations and trends. Being able to do that is really exciting to me!"

How does all this affect her dental practice? "I place most dental implants in my office as well as restore them as a convenience for my patients." This means patients are able to have the complete treatment, from start to finish, performed by one person in one location.  "It makes it easy for patients." Using local anesthetic allows Dr. Cherukuri to comfortably insert the implant in the perfect position for the final crowns or dentures that will later be placed. "I love being able to offer most of my patients this option."

Dr. Cherukuri also provides convenience to her patients by being a certified Invisalign provider. "I love how Invisalign can correct tooth placement by using invisible retainers that can be taken out to clean." Doing orthodontics this way means that her patients' teeth and gums will have less damage. "I love general dentistry because of the variety of procedures it allows me to perform. My goal is to give my patients every treatment option, make it convenient for them, and then deliver the best care possible." 

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