Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Gina!

For Gina, the transition into the dental field started with a high school career day. "I had braces and all of a sudden, it clicked. I knew I wanted to become an orthodontic assistant. I paid attention and noticed how the assistants seemed to stay busy and were able to do quite a bit on their own. I liked the thought of doing that, too." Gina went to school and became a Registered Dental Assistant only to find work in a children's practice. "Pediatric dentistry was fun, but then I moved and started to work in a general practice." Taking some time out to raise her own children, Gina found herself coming back to dentistry every time. Twenty years in the field shows how much she loves what she does.

Raised in Pomona, Gina tries to stay near her family. "There are eight of us kids and we are all very close. They are my support system, and I don't know what I'd do without my Dad." As the mother of three, Gina stays busy. "I have two daughters and a son. I'm so very proud of them all. Rachel, my oldest, is attending California State and majoring in English and Marketing. Raelene is thirteen and is on the dance team. Even then she is able to take advanced and honors classes. John, my youngest is 7, and a baseball player." He's not the only one who plays, Gina also finds time to play softball on a co-Ed team.

But what brings her joy? "Working with patients." Gina smiles brightly. "They are so surprised when I come back and assist. It's great! I get to spend time with each of them and catch up on what is happening in their lives." After many years as a dental assistant, Gina has now found the front desk to be her passion. "I made the decision to work at the front desk about eight years ago and found I like being the first person that patients see. I've now been with Dr. Cherukuri for four years, which means many  patients have known me for years. The other reason I like working at the front desk is I really believe patients have made the right decision in coming to our office. At the front desk I get to demonstrate that fact."

Gina is also excited about all the new technologies in the office. "I love to learn and grow. We have digital X-rays and an intra oral camera. Dr. Cherukuri places implants and uses a laser. I'm proud to say we do those things in our office. We are active, too. You can find us on Facebook, google, or even Dr.'s blog. If you are looking for a dentist come in and get to know us. You won't be disappointed."

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