Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dental Lasers!

Is this newer technology mandatory, elective or a hype?

While many procedures in dentistry can be accomplished with traditional methodologies, there are several instances where the use of lasers are  quicker, safer, easier and just  simply possible.

Diode or soft tissue lasers, unlike the electrosurgery units, can be used with pacemakers and used for small surgical soft tissue alterations with only topical anaesthetic.  Clinically, this feature makes use of  dental laser a very popular option with patients fearful of dental needles- says Dr. Cherukuri.

In addition, diode wavelengths are antibacterial and safe to use around metallic restorations. particularly dental implants.

Diode lasers can be safely used to remove  soft tissue around dental implants without damage to the fixtures and abutments and when used judiciously without fear of heat build up to the implants.  Simple soft tissue management to expose implant cover screws and during the final seating of implant retained crowns are much easier when a dental laser is utilized.

Laser treatment of cold sores also has significantly reduced the duration of these painful and disfiguring lesions or at times eliminated its manifestation when detected and treated early.

Lasers are an enhancement to technology today, tomorrow and beyond!!

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