Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Your Child's Teeth

Children's Oral Health Habits today will have an impact on their health as an adult.

Preventative Dental care has dramitically improved the oral health of many American children.  However, tooth deacy remains a serious public health problem and is the most common chronic disease that needs treatment to resolve.

Here are some simple steps to help your child enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles-

Prenatal care:
A balanced diet is critical for the proper development of an unborn child.  Teeth begin to form in the 2nd month of pregnancy and harden between the third and sixth month.  Adequate amounts of Vitamins A,C and D, protein, Calcium and Phosphorous help develop healthy teeth.

Birth to Six-
Primary(baby) teeth erupt during the first 3 years and are important in normal development for chewing, speaking, appearance  and hold the space in the jaws for the permanant teeth.  As the child grows, the jaws grow and make room for the larger permanant teeth that begin to erupt at age six.

-After each feeding, wipe baby's gums with a clean wet gauze or wash cloth
-Brush and floss your child's teeth until the child has developed the necessary skills
-Set a good example by cleaning your teeth every day.
-Set up a first dental visit within six months after the first tooth erupts for a well baby dental check up to assess child's risk of developing decay, evaluate and optimize floride exposure, assess growth and development of teeeth and jaws, assess oral habits, provide dietary conseling and clean teeth.

Six to Twelve-
At this stage, children begin to shed their 20 baby teeth to make room for the 32 permanent teeth.  The 1st permanent molars usually erupt at age six and are often called the six-year molars. They are specially important beacuse they help determine the shape of the lower face and also affect the health and position of the other teeth.
Professional Dental visits at this stage usually involve, application of sealants, assessing need for braces, hygeine and floride treatments. Often intervention at this stage can offset need for extensive dental treatment.

Optimal Oral health is an essential part of healthy living.

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