Friday, May 10, 2013

Can You Be Too White?

Overall esthetics and beauty perception are important issues in modern society affecting social interactions and professional advancement.

Smile attractiveness is a key element of facial attractiveness.

A person's smile is their first point of communication. In addition to the shape of teeth, one of the key esthetic components in a smile is the tooth color.  Tooth whitening has become the Number1dental cosmetic procedure in recent years.

Tooth discoloration is of two types- 

Extrinsic stains  are those that form a film on top of the tooth enamel which can be cleaned away through dental hygiene procedures, brushing and whitening toothpastes.

Intrinsic stains, however; are within the tooth structure and the process of whitening is more involved.  Aging is the primary cause although long term use of stain causing foods and medications do contribute significantly to this form of staining. The only way to eliminate these stains is through bleaching/whitening.

Bleaching is a chemical process in which color is eliminated by oxidation of the stain molecules.  Depth and degree of whitening is determined by the concentration of the oxidizing agent used.

How white is white has a subjective response. Tooth color perception is highly prone to individual variation.

As much as "Hollywood smiles" are very popular, it is important to bear in mind that injudicious use of high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can be detrimental to the vitality of the teeth and the health of the gingival tissues advises Dr. Cherukuri, from her Chino, California dental practice. One hour/same day whitening procedures are best done under the direct supervision of a dentist , she adds.

Ever consider teeth whitening for everyone in the wedding party? A cool
 "feel and do good "celebration.

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