Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding and Whitening!

If you are getting ready for a wedding - as the bride, the groom, a part of the wedding party or a guest- you want to look your absolute best. A beautiful bright and white smile is essential to looking your best. There are several different ways to get your teeth looking beautiful and white.

Dental Cleaning: No matter what, you must make sure that your teeth are clean. This will remove the layer of plaque and stain that cause your teeth to look yellow, and also allow the whitening solution to make even contact with your teeth. 

Whitening Strips: While this is the least expensive option ($30-50), it is also the least effective. Whitening strips have the lowest concentration of whitening solution and don’t always stick to the teeth effectively leading to spotty or uneven results.. Whitening strips are good to keep in your medicine cabinet to give your teeth a whitening boost in between professional whitening treatments.

Whitening Trays: Custom trays are made to fit your uniquely shaped teeth. You will then be given a tube of whitening solution  with instructions that is effective but gentle enough to not damage your gums if they come in contact. The cost in our office is $125 per arch( upper or lower)  says Dr Cherukuri, from her Chino, California practice. You typically see results with this option within a week, she adds. This option is great if you have a week or more before the event and considered to be a practical and economical way to go.

Professional Whitening: This is the easiest and fastest way to whiten your teeth with an immediate and dramatic impact. . Your teeth will first be cleaned, the soft tissue is then protected to prevent any adverse reactions followed by several applications of the whitening gel. In addition to creating  a brilliant and natural looking smile, the variations in natural tooth shades can be evened out as well with this option.

A great wedding gift to yourself and /or your wedding party . Add glamour and radiance to this life event…

A complimentary whitening consultation is our gift to you. Visit www.chinosmiles .com to make your appointment.

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