Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why Do Dentists Check Blood Pressure

Dentists  have for decades seen the value of preventative maintenance,  a concept that other health care specialists are currently catching on.  It is for this reason that dentists are more likely to see their patients more regularly than a medical practitioner. Early symptoms of chronic diseases and conditions manifest in the mouth and dentists have the unique advantage for early detection and recommending avenues and resources for early intervention.

Dentists are no longer “tooth mechanics”  Oral health care is an integral part of  total patient health just as the mouth is an integral part of the whole body. What happens in the mouth impacts the body and vice versa.

Monitoring blood pressure and performing minor diagnostic procedures are fairly routine in most dental offices.

Blood pressure readings play a significant role in dental  treatment planning. 

High blood pressure increases the risk of bleeding during dental procedures. Taking the blood pressure in the dental office, ahead of the procedure: helps  determine the kind of anesthetic to be used. Dental visits have been known to increase anxiety for some patients which could give elevated readings in the office.  In such cases,  anxiety management with patient education and /or medication  is usually sufficient. In some instances, the patient may be rescheduled and referred to a physician for appropriate care and follow up.

Dentists, as part of the health care team;  manage more than ”just your teeth”- says Dr Cherukuri from her Chino, California dental practice. 

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