Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Laser Assisted Periodontal Procedures

Dental lasers have recently gained popularity although the medical community has long embraced the use of lasers in its various fields.

Benefits of Laser use over conventional surgery include-

faster and more efficient

practically painless

use of anesthetic is optional

minimal bleeding

minimally invasive

precise and conservative

safer to use on medically compromised patients

The most popular of Dental Lasers are the Diode lasers because of their portability and versatility. In procedures like gingival recontouring, removal of gingival overgrowth, modifying frenum attachments, cosmetic crown lengthening, biopsies etc., Lasers have simplified the course of treatment and even enhanced the esthetic outcomes.

Laser assisted surgery is not a substitute for conventional periodontal procedures but offer predictable outcomes and even enhance esthetics in demanding restorative cases.

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