Friday, August 8, 2014

Rebuilding Your Smile

Experiencing mouth pain and feeling insecure about missing teeth?

It's time to make a change! Rebuilding your smile will not only help with how you look, it will improve your oral health as well.  Full Mouth Reconstruction does not just replace missing or broken teeth, it also restores function of the jaws, gums and supporting structures of mouth.

Whether it is neglect, injury, fear of going to the dentist or even "no dental insurance",  less than optimal dental care results in-

Chipped or broken teeth
Missing teeth
Chronic jaw pain, clicking and popping of jaw
Frequent headaches, back pain and facial pain

Full mouth reconstruction begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the health of the teeth, gums and jaws including a bite evaluation. The findings are  carefully evaluated individually or with the help of a panel of specialists depending on the severity of the oral health issues.  A treatment plan is then developed and presented to the patient.  Each full mouth reconstruction is unique and is tailored to suit patient's desires, expectations, clinical conditions and medical and general health limitations.

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