Friday, April 24, 2015

Is Invisalign for me?

 Our Hygienist and I are routinely asked by patients what they can do to reduce plaque and deposits on their teeth- especially lower front teeth.  Often times, we notice  more deposits around crowded teeth and narrow arches. By simply changing the arrangement of teeth where the  patient can access all surfaces of their teeth with their tooth brush, their teeth are cleaner and healthier.
A mere suggestion of straightening teeth brings about a heightened response” What! Braces! at my age?”
 Yes!! It’s certainly an age defying treatment option. 

Invisalign, a gentler approach to tooth movement is an option for adults as well without the “metal braces look”. While not all orthodontic corrections ( like bite discrepancies) are possible with Invisalign, as long as the periodontal health of the teeth is stable, invisalign opens the doors to beautiful, straight teeth options at any age without crimping your life style.

A beautiful smile  and a healthy mouth can be a reality at any age.

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