Thursday, May 28, 2015

Teeth On Vacation

Vacations mean different things for different people. Some simply want to stay home and not have a watch or schedule to dictate their day. Some others may want to visit family or go to far off destinations while some others like the pampering of cruises and resorts.  Some others may like to use the extended daylight hours to to catch up on pending projects and tasks including medical and dental check ups.

 June officially begins the summer vacation season and as preparations begin, you want to put your plan to action.
Tips for dental health during vacations.

If an exotic vacation spot is your destination, ensure that you and your teeth are healthy enough to travel. Schedule you annual health and semi annual dental check up well before your planned trip.  Tooth pain is exaggerated in higher altitudes and a remote island may not be the best place to be treated for excruciating tooth pain.

Even while you are on vacation, remember your dental hygiene cannot be on one as well. Stay on top of your brushing, flossing and rinsing routines and enjoy a bright and healthy smile.

While playing outdoor sports, always wear athletic mouth guards. In the event of an injury, immediately apply ice to reduce swelling and leave severed or fractured teeth is a clean liquid medium and see dentist as soon as possible.

If you have put off making an appointment because your schedule has been busy, this may be the best time to invest in getting a routine examination out of the way or if extensive treatment with multiple appointments is needed, summer or vacation time will be the best time to get the long pending procedures like wisdom extractions or orthodontics (braces) out of the way.

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