Friday, July 17, 2015

Prevention and Disease Management for Older Adults( Article 2 of 4)

The rapid growth of population that is 65 and older will profoundly affect dental care in a number of ways.
Risk assessment for this vulnerable group  will help develop the most appropriate prevention plan and treatment strategy.


Majority of older patients suffer from hyposalivation or Drymouth

Simple preventative remedies  to alleviate drymouth include-

Regular sips of water throughout the day
Limiting number of alcoholic beverages and beverages
Limiting beverages high in sugar and caffeine particularly sodas,juices and sweetened coffee and tea
Avoid spicy and salty foods
Caution using mouth washes containing alcohol
Using  salivary substitutes  such as Oralbalance gel, Biotene Moisturing spray, liquid mouthspray etc
In extreme cases, a salivary stimulant may be prescribed which does require consulting with patient's physician. 
Discussion with physician and or pharmacist regarding substitution of medicines causing dry mouth can also be an option.

For patients with an increased risk of caries or dental decay, an oscillating tooth brush is best.  Automated toothbrushes remove more plaque than manual brushing alone. It is particularly helpful for patients with limited dexterity and arthritis.

Use floridated toothpaste daily and floride rinses
 Periodic topical application of 5% sodium floride varnish in severe cases of caries.
  This mode is inexpensive, non invasive and shown to reduce decay.

As the old adage goes " an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of...."

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