Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"The Dreaded Root Canal"

Countless times, I have heard the expression, "I would rather have a root canal",. As much as it started off having a negative connotation with a touch of sarcasm, over the years: it has evolved into a statement of fact.

Our office has had great success helping patients who are apprehensive of dental visits or have had bad prior dental experiences.
The once "dental chickens"( as some in the profession refer to this group of patients) turn around to enjoy their dental visits and many of them, after they have had the "dreaded root canal" performed. 

The current technology and available choice of materials facilitate one visit root canals that can be completed within a half hour to an hour based on the number of canals and roots. The range of anesthetics available make it relatively painless for even the most abscessed tooth. With a touch of tender, compassionate care added in the office, trust is established and root canals are completed fast and easy.

"It is extremely gratifying to have patients who have refrained from dental visits for years leave our office amazed with how painless the visit was and go on to write glorious reviews.  The direct patient experience reviews encourage others who are still hiding behind the phantom fear of a root canal."

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