Friday, May 30, 2014

Digital Radiographs (X rays)

Digital Radiography is a high tech replacement for traditional dental X rays.

 Thanks to modern upgrades in dental technology, patients receive dental treatment  without the pain and time associated with traditional dentistry.

With digital radiography, a sensor is inserted into the mouth to capture images of the teeth.  The image captured is projected on a screen for immediate viewing without the waiting  associated traditional film developing.

Once projected on the screen, images can be enlarged, magnified for more accurate diagnosing of hard to see lesions.  The same images can be electronically transferred to specialists and other health care facilities without duplicating procedures.

Another benefit to digital radiation techniques is a significant reduction of radiation exposure, a significant health benefit to those with radiation  exposure concerns. Digital X rays use up to 90% less radiation than traditional film X rays

Digital x rays are also better for the environment because there are no harmful chemicals involved in their processing.

"Although it requires a sizable initial investment in equipment, more than 50% of the dental offices in USA have adopted digital radiography because of the added safety and time saving features," says Dr. Cherukuri from her Chino, California dental practice.

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