Friday, May 23, 2014

How Often Should Dental X rays be Taken?

Dental Radiographs are necessary to help diagnose problems not visible to the naked eye.

 Cavities in between teeth,  progression of decay, periodontal health and bone loss, tooth eruption patterns, orthodontic evaluation and development, bone anomalies and endodontic status are  some of the conditions requiring radiologic investigation for diagnosis.

Taking radiographs for  a new patient visit are required  for a thorough determination of present status and to help analyze changes that may occur later. A visual intra oral exam is fairly limited in value and is generally used for a quick overview of assessment.

The schedule for needing X rays (radiographs) at recare visits varies according to age, risk for disease, signs and symptoms.  Children need radiographs more frequently than adults.  This is because teeth and jaws are still developing and also because young teeth are more likely to be affected by tooth decay.

A review of the patient's health history and an examination of the mouth help in determining the type and  number of X rays.

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