Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dentures Vs Overdentures

Complete dentures replace your  natural teeth and your smile.

Dentures can enhance your health and your life. They help you speak, chew and even support your facial structure.  The gum and the bone tissues of the dental ridge support the denture. The base of the denture conforms closely to the ridge and is held in place with a thin film of saliva.

Although some dentures fit reasonably well, most, especially in the lower jaw tend to click, slip, feel loose and inhibit chewing, smiling and even speaking.  As you age, bone and gum ridges recede or shrink as a part of the natural changes. Dentures that fit poorly may cause sore spots, jaw pain, speech difficulties and bad breath. Not only are ill fitting dentures uncomfortable, they can impair your health.

An overdenture is a complete denture that is attached to implants which allows for a much more secure fit.
"While a denture lays over remaining bone ridges in the mouth, an overdenture is securely fastened to the implants that have integrated with the underlying bone says Dr. Cherukuri from her Chino, California dental practice." "There is a night and day difference in the fit of overdenture and a denture" she adds.
In addition, properly healed implants can help reduce jaw and gum shrinkage.

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