Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why did my Implant fail?

Dental Implants provide a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, but there can be implant failure. Failure is said to occur when the implant is lost, mobile or when there is significant bone loss surrounding the implant.

Implants generally fail due to one of three reasons, says Dr. Vijaya Cherukuri from her  Chino, California Dental Practice. 1. Poor case planning,  2. Pre-loading, or 3. Retained cement around the final restoration.

Your dentist should evaluate carefully the proposed area where the dental implant is to be placed. Usually a surgical guide will be created, thereby making sure the implant is placed in an area that ensures the proper angulation for long-term success. Certain medical conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis, risk factors  like smoking and medications including bisphosphonates do need to be factored in to assess their role in the implant placement.

Pre-loading refers to placing the final restoration - crown, bridge, or denture - prior to proper implant integration with the bone. Generally your dentist will give you a window of time in which to allow for your implant to integrate to the bone. For some, the time may need to be extended beyond the average 4- 6 months to provide for proper bone integration. 

Finally, excess cement not removed after the placement of the final restoration can also cause failure.

While failure is disappointing, remember, the vast majority of dental implants are successfully placed and restored, Dr. Cherukuri says. Dental implants provide another way to keep you smiling.

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